Fads to fundamentals

Ever wondered if your digital campaign is rooted in fad or fundamental. Here are my thoughts on some of Internets biggest fads over the last decade and the fundamentals that still ring true in every execution.

Going Places Advert

Here’s another Qatar Airways advert that strikes that premium, smooth tone that makes you aspire to pack your bags.


No Borders Advert

An advert that subtly touches upon the trials of travel and that it is oft a joy out of reach for the masses,. Its amazing how with different voice overs parts of the same footage is used to strike two different tones and tell two different tales.



There are few arcade games I remember from the 80’s. As a kid this game confused me, I probably kept crashing into the wall. What I do remember is that its the first isometric game that I ever saw.

Advertising & the allure of agile.

With advertising abuzz with agile techniques, here’s an advertising insider’s take on whether this truly works in reshaping the Ad World and generating more creative work with less time and resources.

Digital style guide a Dodo or must do?

Whether you think the style guide is the first step to your digital transformation journey or the penultimate step, here are few tips to make the most out of them.

Can analogue elephants do the digital dance?

How do you get an agency to become more digitally savvy? It’s been the talk of the town for the last ten years. Is there a formula that makes for award winning digital teams?

The UX Gambit

Wondering why Ad Land echoes with the cries for clients to invest in UX. Here are a few thoughts about why User Experience is uber cool these days.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A quick take on what is happening to ageing advertising talent as they struggle to stay relevant and not be undercut by younger talent.

The Soundtrack of our lives

Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t as awesome as what you see in those magical travel ads, or movies? Why there’s something missing when you stroll in a picturesque part of the world and the experience doesn’t quite live up to that amazing travel ad you saw. Even though you are right there!