Digital style guide a Dodo or must do?

Whether you think the style guide is the first step to your digital transformation journey or the penultimate step, here are few tips to make the most out of them.

Can analogue elephants do the digital dance?

How do you get an agency to become more digitally savvy? It’s been the talk of the town for the last ten years. Is there a formula that makes for award winning digital teams?

The UX Gambit

Wondering why Ad Land echoes with the cries for clients to invest in UX. Here are a few thoughts about why User Experience is uber cool these days.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A quick take on what is happening to ageing advertising talent as they struggle to stay relevant and not be undercut by younger talent.

The Soundtrack of our lives

Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t as awesome as what you see in those magical travel ads, or movies? Why there’s something missing when you stroll in a picturesque part of the world and the experience doesn’t quite live up to that amazing travel ad you saw. Even though you are right there!

The real cost of advertising’s flyaway talent

When a high attrition rate in advertising is a given, how does Ad Land ensure that there is not only adequate & seamless knowledge transfer but systems in place that document the agency – client know-how?

The Intercontinental Life

A beautiful new ad from the Intercontinental, makes you want to pack up and see the world. I like it for the tonality, which reminds me of something Qatar Airways did – the story of the world.

VR Vigil swinging into action

A visual treat in the spotlight The Dutch national ballet allows you experience ballet like never before with this beautifully orchestrated VR video. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on stage with ballet dancers gyrating around you, look no further. This experience will help you develop an all new level of respect for

The blind truth

Have we been blind to this growing need for a cheaper Braille solution? A few thoughts and an exciting project that’s underway in the space.

Movies for creatives

Looking to add a little zing to your creativity or just searching for inspiration? These are some of my favourite picks of movies that really