Loopy UX over the loupe

Removing the loupe in iOS13 has been a colossal mistake for devices with smaller screens. Here’s why I think why.

When short & sweet falls short

The 15 second advertising format is the go-to format today, but how effective is it really? This week’s YouTube leaderboard is filled with advertising using this format, but how many are truly memorable.

“All good things come to him who waits – provided he knows what he is waiting for.” —Woodrow T. Wilson, 28th President of the United States of America

Secret to Streaming Success

With the streaming wars and the race for original content having channel curators scurrying frantically to keep up, perhaps the golden goose lies in the golden age of film.

12 Definitive animation principles from Disney

Check out these 12 animation fundamentals to make your next animation more appealing.

These are the glasses you were looking for!

Now these are what we think smart glasses should look like! Minimalist yet functional and can take prescription lenses too. Brilliant!

Jailhouse Juggernaut

Can jailhouses provided answers to the talent and cost crunch that Ad Land face? Here’s a few thoughts about a similar Finnish experiment that could be applied to advertising.

Get your agency organised

An excellent behind the scenes of how one agency manages its file naming and folder structure for its projects. The backbone of any agency.

GD Naidu Car Museum

The GD Naidu car museum in Coimbatore walk through. Definitely a visit if vintage cars is your thing. There’s a new exhibit scheduled to open later.

Bring on the bangles

Making Bangles popular again. How about a high-five for this concept that’s straight out of sci-fi. It has very Samsung themed UI vibes.

Nescafe Advertisement

A lovely ad by Nescafe that proves that not only is coffee personal, you don’t need a celebrity to sell it.

“An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs and considerate of human frailties.” Jef Raskin, American Human-computer interaction interface expert and pioneer of the Apple Macintosh computer

Animation & Interaction Design Trends 2019

A collection of animation design trend predictions for 2019 by Muz.li

Dawn of the AI Creative Director

Can an Artificial Intelligence be taught to do the job of a Creative Director. A few deliberation on how AI can shape Ad Land.

Nadia the virtual chat bot

With voice tech becoming mainstream, celebrity voices will become the next big demand after influencers. Petter Cullen or James Earl Jones anyone?