Ad Land

When short & sweet falls short

The 15 second advertising format is the go-to format today, but how effective is it really? This week’s YouTube leaderboard is filled with advertising using this format, but how many are truly memorable.

Jailhouse Juggernaut

Can jailhouses provided answers to the talent and cost crunch that Ad Land face? Here’s a few thoughts about a similar Finnish experiment that could be applied to advertising.

Advertising & the allure of agile.

With advertising abuzz with agile techniques, here’s an advertising insider’s take on whether this truly works in reshaping the Ad World and generating more creative work with less time and resources.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A quick take on what is happening to ageing advertising talent as they struggle to stay relevant and not be undercut by younger talent.

The real cost of advertising’s flyaway talent

When a high attrition rate in advertising is a given, how does Ad Land ensure that there is not only adequate & seamless knowledge transfer but systems in place that document the agency – client know-how?

What’s that you say?

As a connoisseur of the written word, copywriters are tasked at crafting and protecting a brand’s voice. But how does that voice translate to the end consumer experience?

The price to pay

  There is a not so secret war being waged in the world of advertising, completely oblivious to the common man who breezes past the average ad. The bean counters of procurement divisions from the world’s leading brands are facing off against advertising agency suits who are valiantly trying to defend their budgets and their creative legroom. It’s painful. As a creative in an ad agency it’s at times hard to understand why the agency just doesn’t get the right resources to create an award

Creativity creates change

How can creativity and industry-relevant skills in education help transform developing regions such as Africa? This was a question that was posed to me recently

Going digital

  How to pick your digital agency If you aren’t already online, you probably want to be. And if you are a company, you are looking for a business partner who is a one stop solution to all your web woes. In India, going digital has only been a recent trend and it is quite surprising how some companies pick their digital agencies. Here are a few pointers to being smart about your pick and how to ensure that you get the most out of

The marketed mind in Madurai

A few months ago I moved to Madurai with my parents, taking a sabbatical from my career in advertising. A drastic change some would think

Branded content

Branding has always been about creating differentiating factors that makes one generic product stand out from another. Giving consumers a reason to choose one brand of toothpaste, or washing powder over another. Countless hours are spent as marketing professionals toil to try to craft a brand image and its associations. Brand makeup is the resulting brew that is applied to everything related to their brand and more. Yet when the moment of truth arrives, how much of this brand imagery is relevant to the end

I see beautiful dead people

How far should the digital realm and advertising go to create a meaningful experience for your brand’s customers? What is your brand experience doing for you? What is a meaningful brand experience these days? Whenever I tell people that I work in the advertising they sometimes come up with an anecdote of how advertising touches their lives. One such story was how television advertisements are so interesting that you are so engrossed with the story that you don’t remember what the product is. Is that

How to create a Youtube Sensation

The  world’s a stage. Even more so with the advent of YouTube. I recently walked into my neighbourhood music store, a routine cum ritual of mine that is followed almost every alternate weekend. A music CD caught my eye on the newly released track. The début album for a group called the Piano Guys. Now I had never heard of this group, but since I like piano music, I picked it up and flipped it over. The first line on the back of the CD

How to keep it simple in advertising

How to keep things simple in advertising. Make no mistake. Advertising is complicated. I am certain there are those outside our field who think that being part of such a creative industry must be a walk in the park. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In most highly competitive advertising environments, everyone is gunning to be the one who cracks the next big idea. Even if that idea is ‘inspired’, read ripped off from something of old and re-packaged. While you are struggling with

Flying High

If you are planning on flying somewhere within the country these days, your choice of domestic airline is likely to be IndiGo. With a television

Going digital: deciphering the right digital agency

The changing face of advertising in India It is interesting to see that two large agencies have strategically ramped up their interactive capabilities recently. The

The Copywriters Mind

Ever wondered if you could get inside the head of that copywriter friend of yours who churns out that creative stuff like a machine. Well

Lost in interpretation

As a communication person, it appals me to observe how much is really lost in interpretation. Forget being lost in translation, two people may be

An idea on ideas

Advertising has long been called the idea industry. Everyone under the agency’s roof tries some time or other to come up with the next big

Advertising Boot Camp 2: The Brief

Advertising boot camp 2 the brief View more presentations from Rubik Azariah.