Loopy UX over the loupe

Removing the loupe in iOS13 has been a colossal mistake for devices with smaller screens. Here’s why I think why.

Do we need digital?

In the day and age of digital there are some times when we should still stick to analogue solutions. Here are a few thoughts.


There are few arcade games I remember from the 80’s. As a kid this game confused me, I probably kept crashing into the wall. What I do remember is that its the first isometric game that I ever saw.

VR Vigil swinging into action

A visual treat in the spotlight The Dutch national ballet allows you experience ballet like never before with this beautifully orchestrated VR video. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on stage with ballet dancers gyrating around you, look no further. This experience will help you develop an all new level of respect for the art form that is ballet. The playstation VR headset unboxing I am sure a lot of people are going to be looking out for these VR headsets when they

Perfection in a cup

A poem about how to make the perfect cup of tea in the morning, inspired by my Uncle instructions. Being in charge of tea estate’s, he knows his teas.

Aviation Art

Sketches and paintings of aircraft. Including the Fairey Swordfish and Messerschmidt BF 109

Origami fun

Butterfly, Kangaroo and another Tsuru. It’s so much easier to learn origami from YouTube compared to folding from drawings in a book!

Pushing the button

What does India’s push for a panic button really mean and how will it pan out? Here are a few thoughts on this tech push that made the headlines this week.

The Aviator

  The Aviator: My first try at sculpting with modelling clay.

The cult of Counterstrike

If there is one game that has truly caught on with the Indian masses it is Counterstrike. Having sold over 25 million copies abroad and taking the battle to earlier multiplayer market leaders, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, nothing has ever quite comes close in the Indian sub-continent. With multiplayer gaming part and parcel of every game the next step in evolution has been social gaming now being married with this concept. The story of how Counterstrike still holds Indians enthralled has something to do

Mumbai Mysteries

  Why does Mumbai turn the other way? There’s an interesting trend one notices when driving anywhere in the city of Mumbai. Something that I

Advertising Boot Camp 2: The Brief

Advertising boot camp 2 the brief View more presentations from Rubik Azariah.

Getting greener

It’s not a new thing for a brand to tout the eco-friendly route. Truth be told, there are number of brands that have been jumping on this bandwagon recently. The website by Suzlon pops to mind. The question that often plagues me, is whether the average Indian really cares? Take college students. They are filled with ambition to change the world and save it. Where does this good will go once they graduate, or even more so, when they are just outside their own


I recently got my hands on a copy of the 2010 documentary Senna that has won acclaim in the UK. The documentary revolves around Brazilian