The Intercontinental Life

A beautiful new ad from the Intercontinental, makes you want to pack up and see the world. I like it for the tonality, which reminds me of something Qatar Airways did – the story of the world.


Bonding with the force

Sometimes we really need to find students like these to fill our agencies with. An interesting student work that shows the Star Wars intro re-imagined as a James Bond opening sequence.

Add some colour!

Found this very nice video that talks about the basic principles of colour theory.

Roguish behaviour

The tale of the first person to have a Rogue call sign? Hoping for more X-Wing action like the extended universe stories used to have.

The next James Bond?

Could Spectre have been Daniel Craig’s swan song as Bond? Could Tom Hidelton have what it takes to be bond? Apirl Fool’s prank or not, maybe these ads from Jag are something to go by?

Capita Land

This video caught my eye. I like the way they have connected a personality with the product of building buildings. A later TV commercial by the same group.


Hegarty @ D&D 2012

Love a few statements “The power of advertising is the power to reduce. To take a complex thought or idea and to reduce it to a simple message.” “The only space worth buying is the space between somebody’s ears.” “…does it make the story better?”


I recently wrote a post on how lyrics can play an important part in making an unforgettable ad. What we have here are two amazing


Qatar Airways 2009 TVC

I just love this ad, its timeless. The script just strikes a chord somewhere and makes you want to travel and experience the Story of the World and write your own chapter in it.


Levis Legacy

I kick of my series of ‘Ads that I like’ with this Levis ad. I was hunting for an Airlines ad which used to say ‘this is the story of the world and it has one with many endings’. Till I find that one, this ad is playing these days and it caught my eye.