The Intercontinental Life

A beautiful new ad from the Intercontinental, makes you want to pack up and see the world. I like it for the tonality, which reminds me of something Qatar Airways did – the story of the world.

Capita Land

This video caught my eye. I like the way they have connected a personality with the product of building buildings. A later TV commercial by the same group.


I recently wrote a post on how lyrics can play an important part in making an unforgettable ad. What we have here are two amazing

Qatar Airways 2009 TVC

I just love this ad, its timeless. The script just strikes a chord somewhere and makes you want to travel and experience the Story of the World and write your own chapter in it.

Levis Legacy

I kick of my series of ‘Ads that I like’ with this Levis ad. I was hunting for an Airlines ad which used to say ‘this is the story of the world and it has one with many endings’. Till I find that one, this ad is playing these days and it caught my eye.