Nescafe Advertisement

A lovely ad by Nescafe that proves that not only is coffee personal, you don’t need a celebrity to sell it.

Kevin is home again.

Nice to see Kevin needn’t be up to his antics with Google at his side. He is surely getting on in his years.

Emirates TVC 2018

While not quite breaking new grounds this Emirates commercial is big budget and shot and edited well. Begins with a Mission Impossible vibe.

Going Places Advert

Here’s another Qatar Airways advert that strikes that premium, smooth tone that makes you aspire to pack your bags.

No Borders Advert

An advert that subtly touches upon the trials of travel and that it is oft a joy out of reach for the masses,. Its amazing how with different voice overs parts of the same footage is used to strike two different tones and tell two different tales.

The Intercontinental Life

A beautiful new ad from the Intercontinental, makes you want to pack up and see the world. I like it for the tonality, which reminds me of something Qatar Airways did – the story of the world.

Capita Land

This video caught my eye. I like the way they have connected a personality with the product of building buildings. A later TV commercial by the same group.


I recently wrote a post on how lyrics can play an important part in making an unforgettable ad. What we have here are two amazing

Qatar Airways 2009 TVC

I just love this ad, its timeless. The script just strikes a chord somewhere and makes you want to travel and experience the Story of the World and write your own chapter in it.

Levis Legacy

I kick of my series of ‘Ads that I like’ with this Levis ad. I was hunting for an Airlines ad which used to say ‘this is the story of the world and it has one with many endings’. Till I find that one, this ad is playing these days and it caught my eye.