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Loopy UX over the loupe

Removing the loupe in iOS13 has been a colossal mistake for devices with smaller screens. Here’s why I think why.

Secret to Streaming Success

With the streaming wars and the race for original content having channel curators scurrying frantically to keep up, perhaps the golden goose lies in the golden age of film.

Bring on the bangles

Making Bangles popular again. How about a high-five for this concept that’s straight out of sci-fi. It has very Samsung themed UI vibes.

Dawn of the AI Creative Director

Can an Artificial Intelligence be taught to do the job of a Creative Director. A few deliberation on how AI can shape Ad Land.

A point of view for technology & you in 2019

A few technology thoughts as we head into another brand new year with a few recommended reads for the year.

Video and the demise of digital as you knew it.

There’s no denying the rise of video in digital. The question though is at what cost? In the age of UX what can we expect to be cutting-edge web design when it comes to sites. A few thoughts.

E-Book The Modern Web Design Process

Came across this e-book / website that covers the Modern Web Design Process for beginners.

The Full Stack Folly

Yesterday there was the rise of the Full Stack Developer where there was unrealistic demands made of those who know how to code for a living. Today we stand on the precipice of an industry demanding a Full Stack UX talent. What will the fallout be?

A non-coders take on Grav.

Grav is toted to be one of the best flat CMS out there currently. I take it out for a spin for a small web project that I have been meaning to build.

I’m a fan

I have to admit that this looks impressive. Imagine what you could do if you tied this up with a couple of other sensors.

Fads to fundamentals

Ever wondered if your digital campaign is rooted in fad or fundamental. Here are my thoughts on some of Internets biggest fads over the last decade and the fundamentals that still ring true in every execution.

Alibaba UX Musings

Done under 24 hours, an analysis of UX challenges for Alibaba and how to create brand tonality. A unique opportunity & pleasure talking to the Content Strategy team at Alibaba HQ about this.

Giving Alexa a new voice. Your voice.

With sound coming back into the limelight, here is a quick and easy way to craft a voice experience for your brand with a hypothetical case study. Click the title to read more. Click the image to see slides.

Laws of UX

A handy site with design posters to refresh some of your key concepts of User Experience (UX) design, with helpful links to articles by the IDF.

Digital style guide a Dodo or must do?

Whether you think the style guide is the first step to your digital transformation journey or the penultimate step, here are few tips to make the most out of them.

Can analogue elephants do the digital dance?

How do you get an agency to become more digitally savvy? It’s been the talk of the town for the last ten years. Is there a formula that makes for award winning digital teams?

The UX Gambit

Wondering why Ad Land echoes with the cries for clients to invest in UX. Here are a few thoughts about why User Experience is uber cool these days.

The Soundtrack of our lives

Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t as awesome as what you see in those magical travel ads, or movies? Why there’s something missing when you stroll in a picturesque part of the world and the experience doesn’t quite live up to that amazing travel ad you saw. Even though you are right there! Perhaps it’s because our life doesn’t quite come with a soundtrack. Sure we all love music in some form or the other (there are a rare few who don’t that

Race ahead to the stars with VR

The latest round up of VR discoveries around the web includes commandeering your own spaceship, getting handy with a lightsaber and more.

VR flies high this week

The first VR film for a brand is taking to the skies with Nicole Kidman. If you are more of a shopper than a traveller, the new VR store by Ebay and Myers is a must see. Check them out and more right here with this VR round up.

Drone dreams in Africa

Africa’s drone dreams are all set to take flight thanks to Red Line’s pioneering effort to deliver essential drugs via robust dronenetwork in Rwanda. Check out why these are exciting times.

A new way to tell the news & more

This week we discover a new way to experience the news and new places. Give into your art impulses with Google Tilt or discover a whole new world with GE.

VR & 360° storytelling

With virtual reality headsets hitting the market, crafting stand out VR experiences can be tricky. Here are few tips to telling better VR stories that are more engaging from every angle.

Pitter, patter, twitter.

How do you fight Mother Nature’s deluge? When the rain bears down on a city relentlessly, the only respite is to fight back with a