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Digital style guide a Dodo or must do?

Whether you think the style guide is the first step to your digital transformation journey or the penultimate step, here are few tips to make the most out of them.

Can analogue elephants do the digital dance?

How do you get an agency to become more digitally savvy? It’s been the talk of the town for the last ten years. Is there a formula that makes for award winning digital teams?

The UX Gambit

Wondering why Ad Land echoes with the cries for clients to invest in UX. Here are a few thoughts about why User Experience is uber cool these days.

The Soundtrack of our lives

Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t as awesome as what you see in those magical travel ads, or movies? Why there’s something missing when you stroll in a picturesque part of the world and the experience doesn’t quite live up to that amazing travel ad you saw. Even though you are right there!

Race ahead to the stars with VR

The latest round up of VR discoveries around the web includes commandeering your own spaceship, getting handy with a lightsaber and more.

VR flies high this week

The first VR film for a brand is taking to the skies with Nicole Kidman. If you are more of a shopper than a traveller, the new VR store by Ebay and Myers is a must see. Check them out and more right here with this VR round up.

Drone dreams in Africa

Africa’s drone dreams are all set to take flight thanks to Red Line’s pioneering effort to deliver essential drugs via robust dronenetwork in Rwanda. Check out why these are exciting times.

A new way to tell the news & more

This week we discover a new way to experience the news and new places. Give into your art impulses with Google Tilt or discover a whole new world with GE.

VR & 360° storytelling

With virtual reality headsets hitting the market, crafting stand out VR experiences can be tricky. Here are few tips to telling better VR stories that are more engaging from every angle.

Pitter, patter, twitter.

How do you fight Mother Nature’s deluge? When the rain bears down on a city relentlessly, the only respite is to fight back with a

Much ado about drones

There was a time when drones were the thing of movies. Think Terminator toEagle Eye. It was cool to feature a predator drone in your

Preparing for next generation gaming.

  I woke up to a lot of technology news today. News was coming in from E3 that the new PS4 and X-Box have been

Game Writing

A C-130 cargo plane hurtles towards the earth in flames caused by a freak lightning storm, as you desperately try to get out of the

Appropriate Apps

The first thing to do after unboxing the iPad So you’ve got yourself a new ipad unwrapped it from its pristine packing and are now

Tablet Wars

It’s a tablet war out there, and I am not talking about pharmaceutical companies. It seems like every tablet manufacturer is facing off against every

The Oculus

I first heard about the Oculus Rift from a friend of mine, who had put up a post on Facebook. Now the post had no

Writing for the web

There comes a time in every copywriters life when someone else tells him or her that while the copy sounds really nice, it really isn’t

Screen Ecstacy

We live in strange technological times. The two most popular advancements in the field of computing these days seem to be Ultra books and tablet