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Great Eastern Insurance

Guiding pride. Roaring reassurance.

Helping craft a brand style guide for the digital age for Great Eastern Insurance.

The Challenge:
For over a century Great Eastern Insurance and its red lion has been one of the most recognisable icons of Insurance for Singaporeans. However as it grew from its humble roots it has not only had to reinvent itself time and again to stay relevant and contemporary, it has needed a beacon to steer its stakeholders towards a common voice. With so many people involved in championing the Great Eastern brand the brand team found that a lot of its internal stakeholders and external stakeholders like agents that represented the company were taking liberties in using brand assets and doing so wrongly.
The Work
Project Diary

What it was like

This project was handed over to me at a time of flux where we saw a lot of strategy team members leave in quick succession. While the client was naturally concerned because of this, I found my key contact to be extremely helpful and understanding given the circumstances. We were able to work shoulder to shoulder o complete the project that was fraught with delays due to design roadblocks.

Client management