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A retail reckoning for IoT.

Understanding the movers and shakers of decision making in implementing retail IoT for Intel in Japan.

The Challenge:
We live in an ever connected digital world, with smart devices and smarter consumers. As technology constantly shapes our interactions of tomorrow, it is critical to understand the decision makers who make the tech choices of today that shape retail experiences of tomorrow. This B2B study was commissioned by Intel who wanted to understand insights into who were making key implementation decisions for retail IoT and the nuances of their decision making process across stakeholders, so that Intel may better market their IoT solutions.
The Work
Project Diary

What it was like

This project had a lot of firsts for me as my first research project. Under the guidance of the head of strategy, my role in the project included project management and co-ordination, talking to the subject matter experts, reviewing the interviews and findings, gathering data from third party research reports and compiling the findings into a presentation that was presented to key stakeholders at Intel. The work also saw me garner an understanding of the Intel procurement process having to handle the agency billings and co-ordinating with our internal finance stakeholders and client management for resolution of the same.

Client management


Vendor Management