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Mercedes-Benz Golf Trophy

Swinging into action.

Crafting communications for the Mercedes-Benz Golf Trophy.

The Challenge:
Mercedes-Benz has long been associated with a variety of luxury events ranging from fashion shows to golf tournaments. The brand has a strong association with the sport and conducts a yearly golf tournament known as the Mercedes-Benz Trophy. The Golf Clinic allows owners of Mercedes-Benz and prospective buyers to up their game with golf tips by the pros. The brand needed to reach out to existing Mercedes-Benz owners and prospective buyers who were interested in the sport to come and participate in the event.
The Work
Project Diary

Get swinging they said.

I have to be honest. I’ve never played golf. But I have watched a lot of golf movies. One of my favourite of all time is ‘The Greatest Games’ with a young Shia Labeouf. So when I was tasked with taking some of the weight off the shoulders of the mainline print team, I took a swing at it. Later this same work would go on to have digital iterations. So it was nice working at the lead end of the campaign with a bunch of mainline account managers and their lead copywriter.

This soon became a regular task for me, having successfully done it once. I went on to write EDMs for further editions of the Golf Trophy and covering the Golf Clinic. Even helping promote the same on social media. And I still hadn't stepped onto a golf course.