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Mercedes-Benz New Year Greeting.

Turning heads as the year turns over.

The first animated emailer for Mercedes-Benz India.

The Challenge:
Mercedes-Benz was looking for an efficient and innovative way to wish its fans a Happy New Year with an EDM.
The Work
Project Diary

Drift brothers

With the year coming to the end and everyone busy with the yearend deliverables I remember this interesting brief falling into my lap. My art support was Santosh Patil, my partner in crime for most of the work I had been doing for P&G Reward Me. This was an opportunity to do something for our favourite auto brand that went beyond strictly adhering to logo lockups and the templates that the brand dished out. But this also meant we needed to create whatever we wanted from scratch. This was brand new territory for the brand.

I can’t quite recall what the first piece of inspiration that lead us to the idea of a car drifting out the New-Year was. Perhaps I had been spending too much time at home playing with Need for Speed. Whatever it was, we came up with the idea of writing out our message in skid tracks. It had to be bold and simple with an animation that didn’t really take too much time.

The answer was our first animated GIF mailer that you see above. It was a piece of work that broke the monotony of our regular client work and I think we had fun churning this piece of work out fast. We were thrilled that the client green-lighted the creative emailer.



Creative Direction