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I came across this video on my Facebook timeline and was pleasantly surprised. A day after I discovered that a lot of marketing pages that I follow were sharing this video as well. The fact that this video has already got 23 million views is a testament to the fact of its popularity. What is it about? It’s a stunt tthat a well thought of video with a celebrity in it works. Personally I like the copy and the sound track that was chosen. Off course that it is a visual feat in itself shouldn’t be overlooked.

Which made me start wondering, would this video be so popular if it was with just another stunt man and not Van Damme? It probably would, due to the feat in itself. I saw another video recently where a Ford Focus is put through its paces in a Gyhmkhana. A promo event for the latest iteration of Need for Speed. Most people wouldn’t associate with the driver. At least I didn’t. But you’d watch still because it’s associated with what is undoubtedly one of the best-selling racing games for the PC for ages.This video at the time of watching had more views!

At the end of the day, if it’s interesting to watch or even if people think it is going to be, people will definitely take time out to have a look. That’s the only rule of thumb when it comes to making a good video. Have a look at the latest ad for Google by Ogilvy that has recently gone viral. A heart warming tale that manages to weave the product in seamlessly.

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